Strong Christmas

25 Dec

Rodrigo, Alfredo and Elias Hulling MIlk from the cow barn on Christmas Day

Rodrigo, Alfredo and Elias Hulling MIlk from the cow barn on Christmas Day

Not strong as in push ups, or trying to chop wood with a dull axe, carrying two jugs of milk to the breakfast table, trying to tame a violent digestive system while preparing the nativity scene, or chase 6 loose piglets that escaped Christmas eve, or cooking for 40 out of an oven that’s door fell off, or trying to convince the Seniors who work in the garden with me that the garden needs to be watered EVEN on Christmas but “stronger” as in putting all faith in God that he is going to take care of it ALL. Even on His birthday.

How, He manages to take care of all His children is far beyond me.  There are four accords of the birth of the savior of the world, each a great read but try to imagine it all in your head how it all went about.  I get goose bumps thinking about it! Here I am, waiting for the room over call, text, scream, cry that Daisy is ready to go to give birth to her baby boy.  Let me tell you folks, I am not ready for that moment, but after it being built up after 8 beautiful months of growth and care I should be a little bit ready, but I am not.  I am not ready for the trip to the hospital let alone the stay at the hospital, let alone the trip back home with baby in hand.  Mary and Joseph were kind of in that situation but with a donkey in lieu of public transportation.  And they too were young, but the like the Lord promised them that He was going to care for them more than the birds and flowers in the fields, He too will protect us and comfort us.  That is a RELIEF to have.  To know that someone bigger and better than me is going to guide us all the way to where we need to be, In his arms Resting in His PEACE.

Last night, Daisy and I stayed on the school grounds to watch over the students over Christmas vacation.  We stayed in the garden most of the morning, but then after Lunch it was dinner preparation madness. The nativity was set, a pig was killed, a goat was killed, rice salad, sopa,  birthday cake for Baby Jesus, fruit salad, and chorizo was prepared. Dinner tables were set up under the mango tree and parents from afar came to celebrate with us.  =) I was even able to escape to skype my family back home and partake in the Christmas caroling with my grandmother and grandfather,  Liz, Mimi and Julie!

It was a grand family dinner at the strike of midnight.  One would have thought it was the fourth of July! Firecrackers were going off and then after everyone doubled kissed everyone on both cheeks they sat down for a lovely dinner. Then, the kids were allowed to dance until 2:30 am. Bad decision no, we had fun and really enjoyed the Paraguayan Christmas spirit! This morning I washed the dishes with a couple of my favorite students and then made lunch together again not even thinking twice about the garden.  then we all took long naps recuperating from last night. mmm.. =) Que Gusto! “How Nice =) “

If you go to the home page of P90X you will find Henry Ford’s Quote, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, You’re RIGHT.”  I am comparing life a lot to working out lately, but it is so true, We truly do need to exercise putting our faith in the Lord and start living less in stress and more in HIM!

Merry Christmas folks back home and eat a sugar cookie or 6 for me, smell up that pine tree scent while you can cause I am gonna be home next year taking it all IN!!!!!

Love Love Love




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